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Long range wifi router

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best wifi router

Looking for the best wifi router with a long range? Routers on this page have an extra long range. In addition, you can see which wifi routers have the best processor and the most RAM, and therefore offer the best performance.

We also tell you how a fast wifi router can improve your internet connection. In addition, other solutions are discussed with which you can obtain a long range.

Wifi routers with best range

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There is no difference in range between most wifi routers. This is because according to the legislation the transmission power may be at maximum 100 mW.

But there are other ways to increase the wifi range of routers. We list these below.

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Wifi 6 routers

Since wifi 6 (also known as 802.11ax), not only a higher speed is possible, but also a better range. Wifi 6 provides up to 80% more coverage. If the range of a normal router is up to 8 meters, then you often get more than 14 meters with a wifi 6 router.

Wifi 6 routers have a greater range due to these improved techniques:

  • OFDMA: allows a wifi channel to be divided into smaller sub-channels. Because all the power is then concentrated on the smaller sub-channel, the signal is stronger and you get a longer range. In addition, the smaller sub-channel is less affected by interference.
  • BeamForming: allows the router to aim the wifi signal to a client, making the signal stronger and increase its range.
  • BSS coloring: this makes the wifi network use its own color, making it easy to distinguish itself from other wifi networks. Because of this distinction, the wifi network can ignore other (noise) signals, so that it is much less affected by interference.

The following routers therefore have a very large wifi range.

Wifi 6
3 cores CPU, 1.5 GHz
4 high-gain antennas
Smartphone app
Wifi 6
2 cores CPU + extra CPU
Smartphone app

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High-gain routers

Some wifi routers use special high-gain antennas. The higher dBi value of these antennas ensures a wider range.

The higher the dBi value, the more the antenna focuses on the horizontal area. This means that the signal reaches further to the sides of the antenna (horizontal), and slightly less above and below the antenna (vertical).

It is also possible to replace the antennas of your current router with high dBi antennas. However, this is often quite pricey, which makes it more attractive to buy a new wifi router that already has these antennas, and offers the latest and fastest technologies.

These are wifi 6 routers with high-gain antennas (high dBi):

Wifi 6
4 externe high-gain antennas
Wifi 6
8 external high-gain antennas
4 cores CPU + 2 extra CPUs

Mesh routers

Mesh routers have a very large wifi range. This is because a mesh system consists of several routers that together form one large wifi network. This ensures a good wifi signal throughout the house.

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Wifi 6
Ultra-low latency: enables more responsive gaming and video chatting
Quality-of-Service (QoS) support
WPA3 security supported
Compatible with Alexa
2 Gigabit ports per node
Parental controls
Automatic updates
Hybrid mesh: bypassing the thickest walls and ceilings
Quality-of-Service (QoS) support
Compatible with Alexa
Can be mixed with other TP-link Decos
Smart home hub integrated (ZigBee)
2 Gigabit ports per node
Parental controls
Automatic updates

Easily improve range

Besides buying a router with a long range, there are other ways to improve the range of your wifi network.

For example, check out the best place for a wifi router. Or remove jammers that reduce the range.

Fastest wifi routers (range and speed)

Fast wifi routers provide a better connection. They have a powerful CPU and more memory. This gives you maximum throughput for the best network performance.

These are fast routers with a powerful CPU and a lot of RAM.

Wifi 6
4 core 64-bit CPU, 2.2 GHz
8 high-gain antennas
Smartphone app
WPA3 security supported (latest standard)
Up to 6 Gbps wifi
Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistent
Wifi 6
4 core CPU, 1.8 GHz + 3 extra CPUs
Smartphone app
Up to 10 Gbps wifi
Compatible with Alexa

Use QoS

Because these fast routers have more capacity, they often offer advanced functions such as QoS (Quality of Service). This allows priority to be given to certain network traffic.

QoS ensures a fast and stable connection with less latency. This is actually necessary for many modern real-time applications, such as gaming and video calling.

Special gaming routers can ensure that the connection has as little delay (latency / lag) as possible, thanks to QoS.

These wifi routers support QoS:

Wifi 6
4 core 64-bit CPU, 1,8 GHz + extra 4 core CPU
Wifi 6
4 core CPU, 1.8 GHz
WTFast supported, specifically for gaming

Do not buy a wifi router if ...

It is not smart to buy a new wifi router if you only want a larger wifi range. The signal often suffers from obstacles such as walls and floors. Because it is difficult for the wifi signal to get through these obstacles, even another wifi router will not provide a better range.

If you only want a larger wifi range, other solutions are available. Mesh wifi routers are a good solution because they consist of multiple nodes that together form one large wifi network.

wifi 6

If you still want a router with the greatest wifi range: with wifi 6, both the router and, for example, your smartphone must support wifi 6 to take advantage of the new technologies.

Buying a new wifi router is a good idea if you want to improve your internet connection. This is possible with smart features such as QoS. This is also the case if you want other features such as parental controls or a separate wifi network for guests.

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Other solutions for better wifi range

If you want a larger and more powerful wifi network, it is best to choose one of the following solutions.

Extra access point

You can increase the wifi range with an extra access point. The disadvantage of this solution is that the access point must be connected with a network cable, so you have to run cables.

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Powerline wifi

The advantage of powerline wifi is that it is not necessary to run cables. The powerline adapters are full-fledged wifi access points that forward internet traffic via the electrical wiring of your home to the router.

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