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Hotspots data plan

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Are you looking for a mobile hotspot data plan? On this page you will find all information about data plans for mifi hotspots. Many people opt for prepaid so that you do not end up with unexpectedly high costs. Also read about unlimited data plans for mobile hotspots and view the mobile network coverage.

Mobile hotspot data plan (mifi)

A SIM card must be placed in a mobile wifi router, just like in a smartphone. You cannot make calls with the mobile router, so you only need a data plan.

View prepaid data SIM cards or data plans:

Are several people using the mifi router at the same time? Then you can benefit from the 5G speed. View 5G data plans.

If you already have an unlimited data plan, you can also use the SIM card in the mobile wifi router.

Unlimited data hotspot plan

There are often unlimited data plans for sale. Unfortunately, with many providers this is not really unlimited. This is because the mobile network carrier refers to a Fair Use Policy (FUP) (also known as Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)) in the general terms and conditions. It states that the carrier only accepts fair use.

This means that unlimited data plans also have a certain GB limit per day. If you exceed this limit, the carrier may charge extra costs per MB. This is not possible with prepaid (pay as you go) data plans. It is therefore always safer to use an prepaid unlimited data plan, so that you do not have unexpected costs afterwards.

Check out these data plans with unlimited internet:

Mobile network coverage

In rural areas, mobile internet coverage is often poor. But many (holiday) destinations are located in these more remote areas.

Therefore, always check the mobile network coverage at your destination in advance. The coverage often differs greatly between mobile carriers. This way you know in advance which carrier has the best coverage, and you do not incur unnecessary costs. View carrier coverage maps below:

United States
Verizoncoverage map
AT&Tcoverage map
T-Mobile US (incl. Sprint)coverage map

AT&T often has best coverage.

United Kingdom
EE (Everything Everywhere)coverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
O2 (Telefónica)coverage map
3 (Three)coverage map

EE often has the highest speeds and best coverage.

Telekom (T-Mobile)coverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
o2coverage map

Telekom often has the best coverage.

Movistar (Telefónica)coverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
Orangecoverage map
Yoigocoverage map

Movistar often has the highest speeds. Vodafone often has the best coverage.

A1coverage map
Magenta (T-Mobile)coverage map
3 (Orange)coverage map

Orange (France Télécom)coverage map
SFRcoverage map
Bouygues Télécomcoverage map
Free Mobilecoverage map

Orange often has the highest speeds. SFR often has the best coverage.

TIMcoverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
W3 (WINDTRE)coverage map
Iliadcoverage map

Cosmotecoverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
Windcoverage map

Cosmote often has the best coverage.

KPNcoverage map
Vodafonecoverage map
T-Mobilecoverage map

T-Mobile often has the highest speeds.

Proximuscoverage map
Basecoverage map
Orangecoverage map

It is also wise to have data plans card from 2 (or more) mobile network carriers. Vodafone and T-Mobile often have their own network and are mobile carriers in many countries. By having a data plan from both carriers, you have a better chance of having coverage. It also provides a backup option if you have exceeded the FUP.

View AT&T data plans.

View T-Mobile data plans.

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